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Welcome note

Greetings to everybody. I would like to introduce myself, wish you welcome to new category on our website and inform you about our services.

About me

I am Andrea Nenadic, social worker and Gestalt psychotherapist under supervision with 4 years of experience in working with people affected by rare diseases and chronic illnesses. In addition, I have been working with women who are victims of male violence, conducted workshops on different topic and attended many seminars that improved my knowledge and skills. In the last two years, I conduct Gestalt psychotherapy mainly to people with life challenges and/or neurosis.

Why psycho-social support to adult patients?

In October 2018 in Germany MPS Europe organized the first Adult MPS patients meeting “STAND ON YOUR OWN”. The goal of this meeting was to encourage adult MPS patients to be independent – stand on their own. This goal was achieved when adult MPS and related diseases patients exchanged their experiences of living in different European countries and proposed solutions for improving their own lives. Participants age range was between 17 and 53 years, affected with MPS I, MPS II, MPS IV, MPS VI and ML, from 8 different European countries.

One of the workshops for psycho-social support was “Living with a chronic disease” and we managed to meet each other and hear patients’ voices. Based on the questionnaire on mapping the needs and feedback of this group we identified that the biggest interest is for workshops, individual face to face counselings, support groups and educational lectures.

This year we decided to address these unmet needs and start new section on our website Support & Education. Here you will find Social & Psychological Support with interesting articles on different topic. We would be grateful if you would take part as active creators of articles, ideas or present us your skills. Please feel free to send us your suggestions what you would like to see or read about.

We also take this opportunity to introduce our new services:

Skype psychotherapy is psychotherapy conducted by Skype once in a week in duration of 50 minutes.  Psychotherapy is a tool for working on symptoms which are caused by psychological reasons and/or for personal growth. It can help to find different, healthy ways in dealing with life challenges and to adopt new mechanismsAt this moment we are able to provide individual sessions for two adult patients at a time, 10 sessions per patient and for now we can propose therapy for two patients in the next three months. 

– Email consultations: two days in a week I will be answering your questions and providing support via adultsupport@mps-europe.org

– Webinars once a month on topic that you suggest. This will be available from November 2019.

Services that will be available from September are: individual sessions for two adult patient and email consultations. From November, webinar as a service will be available, as well.

Those services are confidential, anonymous and main goal is the best interest of patients, clients. In any country, by any law, professionals are obligatory to respect the confidentiality of the information and the protection of professional secrecy.

For any questions, information, services, suggestions, feel free to contact me at adultsupport@mps-europe.org

Andrea Nenadic


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