A shareholder of MPS Europe can come a society or organisation that: is a recognised support organisation for persons affected with MPS disease in its own country; and its goals and activities, shown that the organisation is clearly determined to advocate for persons affected with MPS diseases in its own country; and is registered and works in the territory of one European country.
If there is no nationally recognised MPS Society in a particular country the nationally recognised umbrella organisation may become a shareholder for that country.
If a specific organisation whose primary or sole focus is MPS and related diseases is established and over a period of one year since its registration proven that it serves and represents its MPS members appropriately, the umbrella organisation shall hand over its shares to this specific organisation.
The umbrella organisation may then become an associate member without the right to vote.
If the specific organisation ceases to exist it must return its shareholding to MPS Europe who may offer the shareholding to an appropriate umbrella organisation.
If there is more than one MPS Society in one country representing MPS patients these MPS Societies have to agree among themselves who will join MPS Europe and notify MPS Europe in writing. Priority for becoming a shareholder in MPS Europe will be given to the organisation working most closely to and effectively with the MPS community.
Request for becoming a shareholder of MPS Europe starts with the submission of the application form and the statutes of the particular organisation to the Advisory Board.



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