Can too much of optimism be hurtful?

Stay positive, keep pushing, motivational quotes like “always smile, dream, believe, achieve” are phrases that people who suffers from chronic illness hear a lot. Getting these messages from environment mean that we always should feel like that, always be happy, smiling with hope that tomorrow will be better.

Chronic illness means that we will be affected by it whole life. We are not our disease, but because of disease we have developed our personality and character. We have right to feel sad, angry, disappointed, grateful, satisfied, and not feel guilty because of emotions we feel. With rights also come responsibilities. We are responsible for how we feel and how we behave.

No matter how much we dream about perfect body and no matter how positive we are, the reality won’t be changed. Being aware of our limits and capacities don’t mean that we can’t be full filled and happy. You still have a body and it is more or less functional.

When we learn how to transform our flaws in capacities, to let our weakness overwhelmed us, we will be able to see objectively how much we have accomplished and be grateful.

I am sure, many of us wouldn’t have those talents, skills, diversity if we were born in different bodies, with “healthy” genes. Every person has set of characteristics that makes you unique, and our all strength comes from specialty.
By Andrea Nenadic, Psychotherapist and Social Worker