Comfort Zone

Sometimes in our lives, periods of dissatisfaction and unhappiness, come as a wave and fold us. We can breathe, but it gets harder and harder. We can stay under the wave and wait to pass, or we can decide to change the movement and start to swim.

Comfort zone is a place where the surroundings is familiar and predictable. There is no change, risk, uncertainties. As every cycle, change in human life is necessary in order that process flows.

Then why we resist so much to something that is natural?
It is difficult to leave something that we have been building for years, to quit with our promises, values, or simply to leave previous version of who we were.

When we change our job, partners, hobbies, we become new person. We want to believe that we have control, and guaranty that things will be exactly how we imagine.

We are afraid of risk because of failure.
We are worried if our decisions will be the right one.
We think about others opinion.
We are scared of judgment.
We are afraid of success, happiness, satisfaction, we are afraid of life. Change is a life, it is our choice to make ourselves more content, and also our responsibility for possible consequences.

Maybe, just maybe, we can try to imagine how our life would look like if we are just a bit braver.
And while we are siting under the wave, life is passing by, and we just wonder what would happen if we just believed.

What I believe is that things happen just in a way it should happen. Sometimes indulgences and faith can lead us much further than our brain and fears.

By Andrea Nenadic, Psychotherapist and Social Worker