Emotion is any conscious experience characterized by intense mental activity and a certain degree of pleasure or displeasure.

Emotions are complex and personal responses to internal or externals events that have significance to our organism. Emotions involve different components, such as subjective experience, cognitive processes, expressive behavior, psychophysiological changes, and instrumental behavior.


  • Cognitive appraisal: provides an evaluation of events and objects.
  • Bodily symptoms: the physiological component of emotional experience.
  • Action tendencies: a motivational component for the preparation and direction of motor responses.
  • Expression: facial and vocal expression almost always accompanies an emotional state to communicate reaction and intention of actions.
  • Feelings: the subjective experience of emotional state once it has occurred

Healthy/ unhealthy emotions

Healthy emotions are emotions that match to experience. Sometimes it happened that certain event ( X broke glass) can trigger unfinished business from the past and our emotional respond is not adequate to concrete situation (broken glass). On the other hand, repressing emotions and pretending that everything is fine, also it is not healthy. We need to be aware that expression of emotions is conditioned by culture.

Emotions are part of your guidance system. We can use them as a system of support. They do not define us and/or predict our future.

Negative emotions do not have to be and they are not unhealthy.

Unhealthy negative emotions:

  • Stem from irrational, inflexible, and ultimately unhelpful beliefs and thoughts
  • Those also affect the way people behave, which is usually unconstructive behavior such as avoidance or aggression

Healthy negative emotions

  • Are based on rational, more flexible, and helpful beliefs and thoughts
  • Also affect the way people behave as when people are not blocked by anxiety they can make better decisions of how to approach problems     

You can start making simple changes today. By recognizing your emotional state you can reflect what might be going through your mind at the time, you can begin to recognize and learn about your thought processes. What is your choice?