Do you know that during 24 hours, human brain processes up to 70 thousands thoughts, even while you are sleeping? Every day consists from 84.600 seconds which means that every 1.2 seconds your brain processes new thought.

Overthinking = is a stage when people think too much about something, when analyzing something in a way that is more harmful then productive. Usually those thoughts are connected with catastrophic predictions, concerns, future, unpredictable negative scenarios what consequently causes bodily reactions as rapid breathing, tachycardia, sweating etc. In a long period of constant, repetitive pattern, negative thoughts can lead to depression, anxiety or psychosomatic symptoms.

It is necessary to recognize when thinking process is helpful and when it produces much more stress than situation requires.

With techniques people can stop themselves and settle down. What is important in those moment is to give your head and body enough air and rest. It is proved that meditation reduces stress, improve metabolism and affects to brain functions.

How to settle down?

Find empty place, where you feel safe, it can be room, garden, nature. Sense of safety and comfortability is what you need to provide to yourself. Find position that will ground you, usually it is in sitting position, crossed legs and with hands on your knees. You can modified position according to your body, so position yourself in a comfortable way. Breath and focus your attention on breathing. Very often your thought will be upsetting, try not to fly in that direction and remember yourself to be focused on air that is going in and out. Inhale, exhale. You can try to relax every musle in your body or you can visualize scene where you can travel to happy, calm and fullfiling places and situations. Give yourself freedom to explore what makes you focused and calmer, you can create your own way of relaxing trough inclusion of touch, sound, taste.