Life is a period from birth to death and during that time we shape it with personal processes and environment. In addition, we are going through developmental crises (starting school, graduation, marriage, children, getting old) and through life crises. Pandemic is one of the life crises. Traumatic experience when we are facing with new, unknown things that affect our possibility to see and embrace the future.

For months now, we are forced to live in present, to be focused on today and to get out the best from it.

This time brought us more time at home, with family, with pets and hobbies. It brought us bunch of time with our own selves. We became either the best friends or the worst enemies with ourselves.

Because the future is unpredictable, the only control we have is about organizing our day, having routine and structure.

I would like to give you a couple of suggestions on how you can get to know yourself better and give yourself understanding and empathy. 

1. Point your physical strengths

Draw your body and head on the paper. Follow the picture from the top to the bottom and give your parts of body compliments. (Ears- thank you for listening so well, stomach- sometimes you hurt me, but I know I need to treat you better)

2. Embrace your experience

Write down when and how your condition limited you. How were you dealing with it, what helped you feel better, how you went through that time? The goal is to remind yourself on difficult periods in your life and how they finished and what was your support during that period.

3. Letter to yourself

A small child is squatting in all of us; he/she maybe had lonely and rough childhood. Even today, when we are triggered that child shows up. See him/her and give him/her a comfort. Write down why are you  now proud of this small child, how he/she helped you being alive today.

4. Find your talents

We are always looking for more time, especially more time for us. Now is a period when you can find out more about your hidden treasure. Try to sew, make a mosaic, solve associations, learn presence, now it is time for you, give yourself permission to try.

Our nature is full of unexplored depths, and it is okay to dive in sometimes, to have more strength when we are faced with a wave (life). You can always ask someone to hold your hand while you are facing with crisis.

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By Andrea Nenadic,


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