I am thinking who you are, how your day looks like, what makes you sad, what makes you laugh loudly, what are your deepest fears.

I want to hear more about you. I want to meet you.

Have you ever had wish to know someone like this, or maybe you wished that someone else knows you this deep?

Have you ever imaged how you would look like after having this in your experience?

Curiosity about someone makes you more open and willing to invest in relationships with others. If you want to create deep bonds it is necessary to show yourself and have faith in human contact. Closeness and intimacy make strong relationships, feeling of security is present and you can lean on others.

Through others you can see yourself; they are mirrors and reflection of you.

Contact and connection are precious for humans. They influence trust, self-worth, self-esteem and better mood.

So, are you willing to give a shot to really meet other person and give permission to others to know you better?

If you would like to tell us more, write us on adultsupport@mps-europe.org

By Andrea Nenadic,


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